Friday, June 22, 2012

Thank You Microsoft

Aaaand I made a logo... with MS-Piant... obviously. Since I never got me any software for such jobs, I did it with what I had. I don`t feel like improving in computer painting, seems like a waste of time. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Issues with my one decision

Idecided to change the name from "The Importance of being Gideon" to ETTHB.

Yes I said I will not hear any criticism regarding it. That still stands. Thought it should be more descritive, less about me. Furthermore I didn`t manage to build/piant anything the last few days. But I might come up with an overview of my current projekts soon.
Thats all folks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tools for the green

Hello there,

i wonted to quickly share which tools I use for working with green stuff. The extra firm clay shapers are often to firm in my opinion, therefore I`ll get me more of those  coloshapers soon. They are much better to get the ovaerall schpe right, especially when that is round, before gonig into details with the "dentist thingys".

Legion Projekt: of mold an metal

Hey Folks,
here some pics of my WIP Everblight war band (so far 36p Absylonia tier 2). I tried to make Absylonia look more like on the painted picture, that should be noted. The second shepherd is a former unblighted Lanyssa Ryssyll Minons solo. The rest is stoned basing und changing posture... with about 12'' of wire for pins.


Woohuuuu! I finally got into blogging.... jay!

So for the first post its explanation time. First up the name: My family name is kinda like the last word of the title of that famous Wilde play, which i find to be particularly funny. My first name is actually Gideon. So there you have it. That has nothing to do with tabletop gaming; which is and shall forever be the sole topic of this blog. Since it is my blog, name giving is my job alone. Therefore I will never ever listen to complaints of my followers, no matter how insistent and justified they may be.