Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Woohuuuu! I finally got into blogging.... jay!

So for the first post its explanation time. First up the name: My family name is kinda like the last word of the title of that famous Wilde play, which i find to be particularly funny. My first name is actually Gideon. So there you have it. That has nothing to do with tabletop gaming; which is and shall forever be the sole topic of this blog. Since it is my blog, name giving is my job alone. Therefore I will never ever listen to complaints of my followers, no matter how insistent and justified they may be.

Second the language: Why English Gideon? Why? Since 99.85% of you will be friends of mine and 99.86% of my friends speak German, posting all this in English seems futile. But i have shy hopes, that my blog might reach a few browsing people from around the tabletop world, or might even become relatively popular.   I won`t become famous for my skills though, for they are merely average or slightly above, but I tend to have some good ideas once in a while. Sharing these ideas with the interweb might give you the chance to abuse them or simply admire my creativity. Some of my ideas are stolen and I moistly paint by the book, but you can admire me anyway. Bad English and plentiful spelling/grammar/style flaws shouldn´t prevent your admiration either.

As a third and last thing you will get a brief wargaming vita from me, so that you may know which games will be showing their toy parts and how I see the hobby. Like every man-/girl- or goat-gamer I ever heard of I started collecting Space Marines when I was 13 years old. With 15 I started playing in casual peer group of older 40K 3rd/ WFB 5th players at my local gaming store in northern Germany. The store and rule sets are no more, but the friendships still exist.  By that time I also got into every single GW game and Battletech. 40K an BFG are only games of those I still play, but these two with passion.  WFB never got me hooked flufwise, though I like minis artwork and all. I still keep my Thzeench daemons and warriors around nonetheless. A year ago I got into my first serious of GW game: Dystopian Wars. Love it! But ships don`t explode as often as in BFG :-( In the second post you will see my first PP commitment. I "started" Hordes three weeks ago. And every now and then I build/paint random minis I like. So to sum it all up: expect a lot of 40K, BFG, DW and Hordes

My hobby philosophy is mostly non-competitive, fluffy and casual. I like small tournaments though, mostly for the chance to play against new opponents an meet other people NOT for winning. I don´t like the highly competitive gaming community, that formed up over the last 7 years or so. I thing they all should play champagnes instead. Worldwide fluff events like Armageddon or Medusa V are my world championship. I am really looking forward to a less competitive 6th 40K Ed. If you hate me for that opinion, fair enough, I hate you for turning the hobby into a TCG. Some say I couldn`t stick with WM/H while having such an opinion, but I`m willing to give it a try.

That’s all for the first post. Thanks for reading and welcome to my evil kingdom, friends and family please bring them!


  1. Hey G! Nice blog you've got there! I really like the idea. So much easier to show everyone what awesome stuff you are doing! ;) Totally agree on your argument for writing in english!! So expect my own blog to show up in here within a few weeks ;) See ya!

    1. Thanks D. I rejoiceingly acknowled your recent bloggyness. Think of the time we save on talking about our projekts and conversions! We can spent this time now alone on the internet... Jay! ;-)