Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's super effective!


I recently stole a Tyranid paint sceme from the offical GW blog. It's all dry brushing and a little wash, super fast!  I painted them all in 4 hours! There are still several hundreds to be painted, and since I like the effect/time ratio, I'll go with it.

Pirates of the Empyrean

 And for another BFG project.

Here are a couple of pics of my first Dark Eldar Cruiser kitbash steps. I think this speaks for itself, assuming you already have the same images in your head... fins, blades, guns and chains maybe.

Like God

Yeah like god I start Eden with one man and woman.

I like the minis, so I will paint them soon I hope. The metal Taban uses though is a tiny enormous bit too soft. You can carve it with your fingernail. That’s something I don't like. Yet I have no idea why that is so. Whether this is a quality matter, or a hobby choice for a reason is unknown to me. 
The Game itself is something I'm looking forward to play soon, because a 4-6 mini skirmisher on a 1 1/2' square board is somewhat the wargame traveler’s edition.

How to Ernesdo things ... badum tiss!

And another one my painting niche an the Blog.

Up the is the niche in its tide shiny awesomeness. Note the giant D20 to smack upstart game masters with. Following comes my super budget wet pallet, it's so cheap, it pays me for using it... no it doesn't. But if you can only hardly afford wargaming, then start with that to feel better about your situation.

Lamenters strike cruiser

Short one on one of my BFG projects.
This is early wip yes, but since I am among the elusive ... lets say 31/2 people in the world who have planded to start a BFG Space Marine Lamenters fleet, I wanted to share my paint sceme with the interweb, so that we might be 4 soon. Any questions on how I did it will be very unexpected.

Legion update

 A brief update on my Legion project. By now they are actually primed, droped, broken, repaired, basecoated and partally shaded. I think I will not post any further pictures untill they are finished, which might take some time.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

some terrain I recently finshed

Hallo again,
here now are some pictures of one of my 4' x 6' gaming tables, including some terrain pieces I finished some time ago. More forests, hills, obstacles, minefields and some commercials.