Tuesday, July 3, 2012

some terrain I recently finshed

Hallo again,
here now are some pictures of one of my 4' x 6' gaming tables, including some terrain pieces I finished some time ago. More forests, hills, obstacles, minefields and some commercials.

This is at parent's house by the way. My father claims, that its his hobby cellar, but I essancially run that thing.
These barbed wire things are not only considered for training grounds, this model prevents an enemy form directly storming your strongpoint dead on, while you can still patrol the no man's land. ... but it has no "fence effect" whatsoever. For the following ones I used a cheap printer, a can of nic nacs, and a lot of deluted white wood glue (there might be a better english term for that but I don't know it). And yes thats bird feces.

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