Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pirates of the Empyrean

 And for another BFG project.

Here are a couple of pics of my first Dark Eldar Cruiser kitbash steps. I think this speaks for itself, assuming you already have the same images in your head... fins, blades, guns and chains maybe.



  1. Wow! Pretty cool! I'd like to have the same images in my head, but so far they look great and I'm sure you make them into some badass awesome ships! Nevertheless, two notes: Are you going to built small bridges for them as well? Their stucture appears to be a little to low so far. And the main thruster of the right cruiser in the top pic looks too long (for now).

  2. I wanted to build a bridges over these long plank lik part over the engine. The Archon on the right cruiser might just feel e bit inadequate... I'll talk to him. There I glued a Bike engine on the engine slot of e helion, if I remember correctly. That can still be changed, though molding a thiker section around some part of it might hlep as well.