Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sometimes I kitbash for the sake of kitbashing.

Word up walkers!

Today’s post is yet another of my wrap ups on past achievements. I threw together some zombies. I might use them one day as chaos cultists/plaque zombies, but in reality I don't even care. I just had a blast assmblin' these chums. I should probably clean, green them and then donate them. Well I'm not decided yet. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

When the last stone of the last church falls upon the last... and so on

Greetings Zealots,

And welcome to: find the Emperor quote in the title. This is yet another catch up post to show forth, what I've been up to. This time it's on my little church project. I started the framework when the building kits came out 2006. But I never quite figured out how to do the roof tiles without killing my soul in the cut out process or paying a fortune on single scale model ones. Well and then I found this cheap thin pvc casted sheet (5€ or so).  The holy house is now primed and waiting for my next terrain painting run. I usually paint multiple terrain pieces at once to have at least uniform bases. As always questions on how, why and even what in the comments below.

A little catch up post for her Majesty

So yeah,

just wanted to dump some picts of my DW Britannians, Mainly to show off the schemes of both naval and air fleet.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vaul's cardbord box


Greetings mon-keigh,

this is an army box, literally. 2000 Points on sprue, the start and erstwhile entirety of my Iyanden army. In contrast to the Tau project, which I'm handling quick and dirty, this will be handled quick and clean, if not to say just right.

Look at my cast! My cast is amazing!

Hello there,

as you can see: this is a short one on Finecast. And for everyone who didn't get the reference: But I'd strongly recommend not to lick this or any other cast.


Hi folks,

here's the Tau-project post I talk about in the editorial. It's all pretty self-explanatory. I am currently filling some minor gaps on the tanks and suits also test painting on some fire warriors. But for the most part I'm air brush priming them with Vallejo gray surface primer. Which takes some time for A: air brush priming is more accurate, but a little slower. B: The water separator of my compressor stops working when it runs hot, after about 90 minutes straight. And C: I'm only doing that while the weather is good, since I'm working in the garage.

My Blog Season 2 an Editorial

Hey fellows and unlikely fellowrettes,

I didn't post anything since October... 2012... 6th. edition 40K. coincident? I think not. GW switched to rapid fire with their releases since Dark Vengeance. My shiny syndrome switched me to rapid fire hobby project pick up.