Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Blog Season 2 an Editorial

Hey fellows and unlikely fellowrettes,

I didn't post anything since October... 2012... 6th. edition 40K. coincident? I think not. GW switched to rapid fire with their releases since Dark Vengeance. My shiny syndrome switched me to rapid fire hobby project pick up. 

Since I didn't finish much of anything, I hadn't posted anything. The idea was not to spam this page with WIP posts. The Idea was stupid. This is a hobby blog, right? It is rather sad to have finished stuff only every other month, but that's just the rather sad truth really.

I probably got some of you curious about these projects. I’m gone name them accordingly, but first a little defensive explanation. I’ve been collecting citadel minis since 6th. grade, for 14 years. There is a lot of stuff laying around my parents basement therefore. Some of my old models are lost, sold or screwed up beyond rescue. Some models were lent to others, some are dated and ugly, but most are assembled and waiting for attention game and paint wise. Only a few are painted. This all comes down to the fact that I have more bits and sprues than any single man should own. I have read every codex and rulebook since 2nd. edition, also every white dwarf since 1992 (I bought the ones before ‘98 in clearance sales). As a result the number of bits is only exceeded by the number of cool army ideas I had over the time. The rapid progress in GW plastic kit quality made more and more of them possible. But you'll see when we get there.

1. I stated building a 2000 points Night Lords force up from the Dark Vengeance box CSM half. I had a large Blood Angels army when I started 40K, an old 4th. ed. metal Grey Knight force came later, also a Warriors of Chaos WFB force, one single box of CSMs and some Demons. All of which provided me with plenty of bits bodies and even tanks. I only threw in some 4 boxes of the new Raptors (love them), 5 pre heresy dudes, shoulder pads and 2 characters. Build up is only half way in, and the conversion and kit bash ratio is to damn high. Progress is slow therefore. WIP posts will come up later. (GW busted my schedule on that one with the rapid fire release pattern not obvious already)

2. Tau came up then. I have bought two boxes of fire warriors at the 2001 Games Day Germany in a PRE-RELEASE SALE with a buy 2 get 3 boxes offer! (weird ol'days) Later came the 3rd.ed. mega force box and some tanks. I played that army for some time and then lent it to a friend for years, also sold him some. Some other friend later sold me his old unpainted junk army, before he left the country. Was cheap, but bought it as a favor really, didn't honestly  want it. Well and then Nottingham rolled out the new shiny toys. I cleaned up what I had and swelled the ranks with some new kits and two characters. E voilà 4000 points army now in assembly line production. Posts are coming right away.

3. This one is a long shot. Back in 3rd. I played against Eldar a lot. Hated them for being good, liked them for their looks. When the Craft Worlds book came I fell in love with the idea of an Iyanden Wraith-force. Years later with the 5th. ed. Codex came a limited edition Bonesinger model. I thought that'd be the ideal center piece for such an army. Bonsingers are the guys who psychically stimulate Wraithbone to grow with their musik... sound dirty somewhat. Anyway that model was opp in my desk drawer waiting for plastic Wraithguard. Therefore I'm also building a 2000 points Iyanden List from the ground up now. Btw an elite plastic army buoght with discount is surprisingly cheap... well GW cheap. Much less than a 42 point Warmashine cavalry force for instance. Posts will follow.

And in other news: I was already working on stuff before GW went berserk. I was painting my Dystopian Wars Brits, worked on the second wave of Legion of Everblight and started a little Warmashine side project.   Terrain is also always an issue. One I started to address with my new airbrush set up- SO MUCH WIN! Posts on all of these things are also on the way.

Man! - half a year in hobby stuff in text form explained along with a hobby live. That was dry and painful for both reader and writer. Thanks for reading anyway. More looky less texty soon.

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