Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some results... finally

 This is gonne be a long picture post. So imma just gonne say that I am not to confident with the results of some in these.
I experimented a lot with skin shading, varnishes and different snow application methods, over washed once or twice and did poor basecoating in some places... was my first time on white primer. But overall I'm pretty happy it, and got a good idea of how to continue with my legion. Up is the bunch so far. Down is individuals. Questions on how in the comments.

Harriers (one repose):


 Absylonia (repose):

 Reak (repose):


 Ravagore (repose):



  1. can't wait to see them on the field

  2. They rule! My Ravagore has always been good but since he is painted... Last week he trampled 6! Sentinels 2 Mage Hunters and wrecked a Banshee in one turn!(ten rolls over seven in a row)