Friday, October 19, 2012

Legion... wait for it .... dary!

Yeah, still continuing to fulfill the completition of my Legion project. This is really just a quick and dirty update once again. Instead of doin' the teachers deed, storing pictures for a step by step post, I simply throw my pics at the interweb and let you figure it out for yourself.
Here I wanted to show you guys my first ever fire and light effect, a Ravagore in the Milka-step of the armor painting, my base line maker (I hate these sadly necessary lines) and my to-do-shelf. I am actually brain numbing hardcore painting right now for my oncoming first WM/H tournament and above is my first list minus one shepherd incl., as reserve, the newly triple waist pined Angelius on the shelf. As they say in my home town: Always pin everything! Questions on how-to in particular or used colors/techniques will be answered in the comments.  And don't forget to be awesome! 

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