Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things got sticky

 This is a quick hobby post, using some older footage, mainly to show you my new paint handles. I got the idea form the PP studio. It's basically wood with a base... I feel stupid typing this. Anyhow I'd highly recommend those for pointy metal minis for obvious reasons.

And here is a rather recent product from our beloved branch leader. Liquid green stuff is in my experience useful for VERY small gaps or dents, like the base rim underneath. But as soon as it gets bigger you should use real deal, since this stuff shrinks when it dries. Same with the white alternative from Vallejo, but their plastic putty (that’s the product name) is to dry and grainy to start with and it sticks even worse when dried out.

This last pic is both to show you my wet pallet in action and to display the remnants of what makes me almost feel like an artist.

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