Tuesday, October 9, 2012

been a while

Hay fan(s), hopefully plural, probably not, anyways, I’m gonne do one big update post here on what I did lately and older stuff I wanted to share with geeks around the world... yeah talking to YOU. Let’s get right to it. Above is my tobsen77 weird walker finally assembled, which was tricky due to no telling where the parts should go.
Next is an update on my Legion project including the next wave. I assembled them for some games already... yes I do that, go on and hate me internet. A trench/hill for W/H is next. It's build to be the size of two trench templates, something that should not exist in table tops, if you ask me. last is the older stuff, some of my best cadians and a WIP stature of the emperor, who’s mini I literally bought out of the trunk of a car. The plinth is epic marines cut to resemble an old codex cover. Question in the comments though unexpected are welcome.


  1. WHOHOOOO, free at last. today it was worth checking the page daily.

    and nice stuff btw

    greets hauke

  2. Your in for a tread. I planed to post some more things soon.