Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's super effective!


I recently stole a Tyranid paint sceme from the offical GW blog. It's all dry brushing and a little wash, super fast!  I painted them all in 4 hours! There are still several hundreds to be painted, and since I like the effect/time ratio, I'll go with it.


  1. and its pretty cool. maybe we will have a battle between my super fast speed metal painted imps versus your even less colours super speedy fast nids. even basing is similar.
    btw CLEAN OFF mold lines. although the colour scheme is cool and effective and buglike, mold lines can destroy the whole picture

    greets hauke

  2. That's true. I did put some days in the mold line cleaning of the rest of the army, before I primed them. These 15 are only some stock testing models I took from the shelf. The rest IS clean, and there is another color part, a reddish flesh tone for the saggy meaty parts like wings, glads or spawnig sags.