Thursday, June 27, 2013

When the last stone of the last church falls upon the last... and so on

Greetings Zealots,

And welcome to: find the Emperor quote in the title. This is yet another catch up post to show forth, what I've been up to. This time it's on my little church project. I started the framework when the building kits came out 2006. But I never quite figured out how to do the roof tiles without killing my soul in the cut out process or paying a fortune on single scale model ones. Well and then I found this cheap thin pvc casted sheet (5€ or so).  The holy house is now primed and waiting for my next terrain painting run. I usually paint multiple terrain pieces at once to have at least uniform bases. As always questions on how, why and even what in the comments below.


  1. impressive. great work man. any idea about the interior? some kind of altar? pews? dead bodys? a walkthrough or walk-around sanctum?

  2. I actually have an altar already, but that needs some overhauling. I think that should be enough for the interior. Although the pipe organ from the exorzist tank might also fit nicely, but that would be quite the investment. To much detail/obsticles one inside would hinder playability I think. So one or two moveable objects should be enough. For the exterior, simple: Garden of Morr 40k style.