Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hi folks,

here's the Tau-project post I talk about in the editorial. It's all pretty self-explanatory. I am currently filling some minor gaps on the tanks and suits also test painting on some fire warriors. But for the most part I'm air brush priming them with Vallejo gray surface primer. Which takes some time for A: air brush priming is more accurate, but a little slower. B: The water separator of my compressor stops working when it runs hot, after about 90 minutes straight. And C: I'm only doing that while the weather is good, since I'm working in the garage.

That took a while.

The list/army is composed of following: 

-Ethereal, Cadre Fireblade, a Commander with Bodygurds and Darkstrider for HQ
-54 Fire warriors as Troops
-30 Pathfinders for Fast Attack
-3 Devilfish APCs
-3 Crisis Teams and a Riptide for Elite
-3 Broadsides with Railguns, one "Missleside"and a Hammerhead for Heavy Support.
-also a ton of drones.

Noteworthys are few: The Ethereal is the old 3rd. ed. mega force special one withe the Zork mantle ( element). The Fire blade is coverted from an old stealth suit. I have the limited "Kais"-model from the Fire Warrior PC-game... he is a Pahthfinder really and I kitbashed 6 Gue'vesa human fire warriors together. Moreover all crisis heads ar swopped with new ones and there is some magnetizing going on.

Vallejo Desert Sand works great as desert sand!

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