Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vaul's cardbord box


Greetings mon-keigh,

this is an army box, literally. 2000 Points on sprue, the start and erstwhile entirety of my Iyanden army. In contrast to the Tau project, which I'm handling quick and dirty, this will be handled quick and clean, if not to say just right.
It is actually the first Time I'm attempting a start to finish 40k army project. This is the start of it. Though I don't know how long it's gone take, I plan this to be quick because it's an easy paint scheme, few models and there won't be conversions. It's going to be clean simply because I'm gonne take my time for clean-up, use paint sticks/handles and I'm going to paint the blue parts separately. As a motivation as well as to avoid damage, these magic alien ghost robot warriors won’t see a single table top until they are completely done. Let us see how that plays out.

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