Thursday, September 12, 2013

Progress has been made

Yellow again,

Progress has been made. It has just not been shared, until now. So here's my hobby wrap up.

First off I've put quite some time into getting a hold of the Infinity rule set. It is complicated but awesome. 40K wants you to forge a narrative. Infinity forges a narrative all by itself. And it’s not true but hardcore line of sight. Love it.

Second and related I, over the course of the last few months, collected stuff for an Infinity table along with a Haqqislam force, of which I assembled almost everything. Some teaser photos are in this post and I've a little thing or two to add. The table contains many Micro Arts Studio products, Antenocitics Workshop terrain and the Laser Cut Card/Bandua stuff you've already seen. The only addition I'm looking at is some Plast Craft Games hexagon pavements, bus stops and flower boxes. I'll make some dedicated Antenocitis and Micro Arts review posts at some point in the future. The necessary pics all slumber on my hard drive. The good thing about my infinity table project is: It already has some cool look about it, regardless of its unpaintedness and it's test play ready. The bad thing is: Due to ridiculous amounts of varnish, primer and paint that need to go through my air brush in order to paint it, I'll probably not start painting it untill next spring/summer. I foresaw that early, and I didn't want to smother you guys with work in progress posts on something I'll not come back to for so long. Kinda like with the Eldar I'm working on. I'll show it off when it's ripe, until then it's little peeks and tidbits. The models on the other hand are something I'll do piecemeal, something to cool down from all the assembly line work. So you can expect to see one or two pop up here and there on the blog.

The Tau, as my third list item, are growing strong, 120+ base coated only the crisis suits and tanks left colorless. I also bought a brown/terracotta primer for smoother under shading on them.

Fourth and last is terrain/ airbrush exercise. I started working with highlighting, shading and weathering. I started at the Terrain scale, planning on going down to first vehicles and then standard sized minis. I'm rather happy with the outcome. The church should be finished within the next weeks. The bunker and bastions will only need minor details; I'll possibly do them while working on other minis with the same colors.

Again: Apologies for all this WIP stuff, but it’s either that or nothing at all. Questions on how, what, why, who and so on and so forth in the comments.

Take care

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