Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hobby-wrap-up/editorial: gamer ADD, model hording, climate and change

Caught up in hexes!

No-Quartermasters, White Dwarflings and future Warhammer-Visionarys gather around,

Babbling is coming up. But first I have an official announcement to make: This is a pure hobby blog (focus on hobby progress, products and techniques) and it will remain so. However I won't be the only poster anymore.
I will allow some of my friends to post their hobby progress... Yes I actually have friends. It's going to be one at first and then we'll see how things go.
I see this as a positive development for this blog for two main reasons. First I originally created this side to make hobby communication easer with my friends, who are scattered in all directions. This way not everyone must have his own blog, which can be at times hard to maintain singlehandedly. And that is the second reason right there. As you might have noticed: I haven't posted for quite some time. It's not even that didn’t do anything hobby wise, it's just that I didn't do anything noteworthy in my opinion.

The long and short to what I've been doing is: I have some photo material in the pipe for some unboxings and reviews, which might get sprinkled in between hobby progress post. I have been building a lot of stuff. I have been organizing some stuff and I of course bought way more stuff than I can handle. Most hobbyists can relate I'm sure. I have not been airbrushing or spray-painting because it's just not the season for that. And I still don't have an in-door-air-brush-set-up.

Further down in the article, as always, I'll run you visually through my recent exploits in fiddlybitlig. But now let me show you guys a handy tool I came across while listening to gaming podcasts. Something that can help you organize your hobby stuff, keep you focused and helps overcoming model hording.
An organized working area helps certainly. Paint racks are handy. But one of the best ways to organize your modelling is a software solution: the beautiful Kanban board.

A Kanban board is basically a chart of tasks organized in columns that represent a step to completion. In our case, say miniature painting, these steps could be: Assemble, Base, Prime, Basecoat, Detail, Varnish and Done. Your little Space Marine man-dollys can then creep threw these steps as a task. These boards can be made physical as well of course. And they were originally invited to maintain supermarket supply, but got famous as a Japanese car manufacturer picked the idea up and used it in their production. I was led to believe that Kanban is a big thing in software development now. It could be used for almost any task though easily. I could run you guys threw all the pros, cons and features and tell you about every freeware there is... but, you guessed it, I won't. I'm using Kanbanize a web based subscribe by mail thing.  You can probably figure the rest out all by yourself.

That's what my board looks like....I have a problem, I know

As mentioned before I learned of Kanban while listening to gaming podcasts. There are many 40k once out there and a few for other systems. Since I find them to be one of the best things to listen to while hobbing at home alone, I'm thinking about making a podcast review post soon. Music and audiobooks are cool also, but podcasts can actually help you all around our hobby. If you pick the right ones you'll be up to speed in wargaming, entertained, spoon-fed usefulness and all without occupying your eyeballs. Just sayin'. But lets get back to what I really did lately:

 I bashed together a kill team (for the fun of bashing)

I droped things... (Pin everything allways everywhere!)

 I'm almost done painting a load of these GW one piece terrain pieces.

I built a metric ton of Infinity models...

... doing two new base styles.

 One with these Customeeple mdf bases.

Which obviously need some extra work to work.

 Because some lasers just can't get eough.

And things start to get a little delicate.

The other one's strait forward.

 And I'm near finishing this guy. 

My first Infinty piece, the Djanbazan sniper.

 That's all folks!

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