Friday, April 4, 2014

Mag Rack Attack! ... My Tablewar Minicase arrived.

Hello friendos,

A few weeks ago I recieved my first Kickstarter reward. On the mark I have to say. Turnaround is always an issue with crowdfuded projects. Well, not with this one it was not. Estimated March 2014 (4th month after funding) and it came in mid March. So Tablewar got that in the books for them. But what abut their product? ...Is what you are supposed to ask now. Go ahead, do it!

As the title suggests it's a case for a magnetic rack system. A very well thought out one their infomecials do way more credit to than I could. In the Kickstater they launched the mini version of the case, wider uint trays and PP/lip base sized unit trays and  diorama washers ("base rings"). All that I got+ enough diorama washers for all my (planed) Infinity stuff. My enthusiasm for Corvus Belli's Infiniy is what got me into the Kickstarter. I learned of it from Tablewar's commercials on the LATCS podcast, a hilarious show. But I wanted it for my Infinity models. Infinity minis are even more fragile than your run in the mill Space Dude. That and the downside to metal... it's metal. So it doesn't take paint so well and sharp edges will chip sometimes only from contact with foam. That is why I didn't think about putting mine in foamy layers of protection +1. I wanted a magnet solution. Which I got now, yay!

Also I'll be able to transport smaller games in it. Single Hordes lists, X-Wing, 40K combat patrol and the likes. Aaaaaaaand not that I'll partake in any painting competitions, but this case is ideal for getting your entries safely to the jurors.

I guess I'll Plog-walk you throug this one. Strap in.

It was quite a hassle to get that prtective layer off the acrylic front, but still managable. 

That is all the washers I got with my trays. 

And that's the trays, some stacked. 

 All my 25mm washers in one bag.

And this is how you use tray and washer together.  

 The next step is of course making custom scenery for these. But first let us look at the underside of them.

You also need to glue in their custom magnets, into the tray and into the display board. 

And then it just snaps together. But make sure you order enough magents. I didn't even get halfe way through my trays with the 30 had ordered. 

 This is a trick I learned form Tablewars website. Cut along the outer rim of the washers and...

apply filler from your local hardware store. 

Let it dry. 

Add stones or other basing stuff. 

 Glue down sand.

 Or other sand, and don't forget to "wash" your sand again with watered down glue to seal it. 

 This is how far I got up to date with my Haqqislam tray.

 That's my Legion diorama tray in the display board.

And that's one I left blank for X-Wing, Battlefleet Gothic or complicated units and WIP projects.

You also get this drawer for all your gaming materials. (sorry for the bad shots here and below)

 Two layers of ca. 28mm minis and the drawer will fit in the case.

That is all for now. But I will probably post again about this, when I finish the individual diorama trays.

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