Monday, August 12, 2013

I don't like change

Hey audience,

I changed the blog design. Basically more gray and orange and "It's got hexagons, so you know it's from the future". That quote is from the Infinity O-12 Podcast, it shall honor the fact that I don't do any historical or fantasy war games (besides "Full Metal Fantasy"), and so it's kinda in theme. Oh and don’t miss the Space Hulk PC-game in two days from now on Steam. I’m stoked for that.

Other real content is commin up, not just right now.


  1. the hexagons, they are a changing.
    are more corners more futuristic? how many corners do you need for 40k? and how much in the future is a Mandelbrot-factal?

    (the only correct answer is wednesday)

    greetings hauke

  2. Well Infinity is in ruoghly 200 years and adds 2 corners. So 39.800 years is 398 additional corners. In other words: try Mandelbrot with espresso.

    take care buddy

  3. One piece of advice mate. Use the "Insert Jump Break" button. It will make it much easier for viewers to see what other posts you have recently made up without scrolling through.

    1. Sounds reasonable... had actually thought about that for quite some time already...mmmmmh yeah that's probably a good course of action. Just a sec...

      Oh and thanks man