Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Progress on the Eastern Fringe


Bienvenido amigos a la casa Ernesto,

Or something like that. Aren't we all feelin’ a little Mediterranean thanks to the weather? I haven't been painting during the last couple of days. It is not that I hadn't wanted to, it's just that I could not. No matter how much you water delude your paints, no matter how much retarder you drop in the mix, the paint will dry in on your damn wet-pallet before you picked up the brush. I'm exaggerating to make point here, but it is pretty hot around where I live. Therefore I’m building rather than painting at the moment.
Above is Corvus Belli's Scarface Turner for instance. I have however made some progress with my Tau project in the days before this heat wave erupted.  I'm just going to dump the WIP-pics into this post with little notes. Questions in the comments as usual, and if the weather is bugging you please be assured that winter is coming.

In case you were wondering how it looks assembled + crisis WIP

 the major conversions of the army in their raws

Boom! two paint Tau feet

 Sprayed all bases with Valleo Sandy Brown (60 minitues BOOM!)

Also threw one step brush on (Tyrant Skull). Not too pretty but effective. Camera colorshifted a little into red in this shot.

 Painted my Battlefoam X-Board similarly + a little shading

It will act as my default board 

tryed out black/gray-undershading with a bunch of models

 Allways black first! I lerned that the dumb way. Had my drones gray before I thought of it, did it anyway.

And I basecoated a good 40% like this. Undershade went well with the Broadsides, as far as I can tell.


  1. I usualy start to paint after 22:00. With P3 paints it kinda works, even without retarder. By the way, what is that scout doing in a tau dress?

    greets hauke

  2. That is a Gue'vesa, a "human helper". He's basically my Human Fire warrior squad leader. There are pics of te whole bunch in an older Tau post. He goes by the name sergeant Laforge.