Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unboxing: Spartan Scenics Warehouse Accessories; Corvus Belli: Asawira Spitfire and Infinity talk

Hi Folks,

Cover is a big issue in most table top games. And the approaches to it by the game system are quite different, varying from rather abstract to very detailed. Also toy soldier formations vary greatly throughout the systems. 40k mostly needs obstacles for 5 to 10 models or more. Infinity however needs individual cover, scattered over the field. That's why I got this kit.
I wanted to slowly start Infinity and felt this would close a gap in my terrain collection. Both size wise and aesthetic wise, for Infinity is hard Sci-Fi. Since I first saw Infinity (around the time Micro Arts Studio started to manufacture terrain for Corvus Belli), the game appealed to me. I love grim dark but I also always liked things like Deus Ex, Ghost in the Shell, Crysis, Akira, Battlefield 2142, Shadowrun and the likes. So the world appeals to me as well (no magic all guts and wire), and the game system seems quite realistic, which I love. Turn and reactive turn, 96" snipers and smoke grenades is exactly what I want from a skirmisher. But don't take my word; check out Tom Schadle's hook article and his cool blog. I also like CB's Internet presence: free rules, rule introduction videos, a nice overall design and an awesome army creator. CB also stepped up their model range, while the old models were more heroic scale, which didn't work out with the overall aesthetics in my opinion, the new ones are just gorgeous, lean, slick, military and not to comic like. Also the best metal kits on the market, SUPER snug fit, I wish PP could do that. Ohh and they picked up the glove Soda Pop threw. Check out the new bootleg line and the insane painting skills of Ángel Giráldez who is Corvus Belli's only painter (luckily). To end the ongoing sexism debate with their model range they released a line of strait up pin-ups, thereby resolving the issue in the sexiest possible way.  

But enough Infinity, back to the warehouse! The kit isn't really a kit (no assembly needed). The cast is the usual insanely good quality resin cast we love and expect from Spartan Games. Clean-up only needed on the bottom. For the value: It is not really cheap, more on par with Micro Art Sudio's stuff, but it ads quite a variety of shapes all in one box. All in all I like this purchase. It goes great with infinity but wouldn't be to out of place with 40k, Warzone or Dark Age. Originally of cause designed for their 28mm Sci-Fi thing, but that doesn't even exist jet.

So long

Above is the Infinity model between the crates. CB models usually contain many parts and are therefore hardly for beginner hobbyists. 

And here you see the exellent fittings for the model's parts. I only pined the gun arm, though I usually pin the everything when it comes to metal.

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