Sunday, July 14, 2013

Product Review: Bandua Wargames Alpha Series Q-Building Set

Hey my little Lumberjacks,

I just wanted to give you a quick review of an hdf terrain kit a got recently: Bandua Wargames's Infinity licensed Q-Building Set. My fist hdf/mdf kit and I have to say: I LOVE the smell of laser roasted wood fibers (way better than new car smell).

First off it’s rather cheap: 26€. That is not bad, if you ask me. And it's huge, I mean like wraith knight big as you'll see below. The stairs are entirely playable for 1" bases. And the coolest bit: It's stackable and you can store the smaller ones in the big one. You may well call this a babushka house.

Slight downside: though the fit is good in general, it gets tricky with the stairs. Every step is made of two parts, which interlock witch adjacent ones. And then you have to stick them all in the stairwell slots at once, that is tricky tricky tricky huh! Oh and there is no instructions included. Bandua offers short assembly videos on their YouTube channel though.

After all I'd say it is a good value product, not micro art studio pretty, but more for the dollar.

See how big this mother is!

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