Monday, July 22, 2013

Base and beyond: magnetic display board

Good evening and welcome to the world of applied physics,

Today I wanted to show you something I made for my Iyanden project: a magnetic display board. I once purchased a far too big amount of magnets. So I had lots of those lying around.
Foamcore is a rather cheap commodity; I use to have in abundance. And then there was this old mag-board I had laying around. What do these things have in common? I own them, much in contrast to Eldar foam trays. So while planning my Eldar force I thought: "Hey, I can actually device classy means of transportation for this project without any cost. Yeah!" So I went ahead and made the thing. Presumably the pictures will tell the rest of this story. Painting is due when I've figured out the colors for the actual bases. Well and Eldar painting will not start before my Tau are ready (but I'm making good progress there, post to come). I basically want to keep things separate. Iyaden is my assembly line project, while Tau is my paint shop project. Skirmisher models are reserved for down time, something to get artsy with. However:

Here comes the board
Look at my board
Da dada daaa da
Magnetic board

140° turned over


  1. Frogs are magnetic...

  2. ... they are also wizards with lasers on their heads...

  3. maybe if you kiss your eldar, they turn into a prince

  4. he turns into a frog... i'm an engineer, logic is not my buisness...

  5. An army of space elf princes led by a frog... sounds like perfect logic to me