Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All your base are belong to us!

Arruuu! Greetings fellow earthicans,

This post is dedicated entirely to bases. As you might already have guessed by now, I like to put a lot of emphasis on bases. However I do not like resin scenic bases that much for two reasons. The first being that resin is quite likely to get its paint chipped away.
Therefore I try to keep the included plastic one and try to add to it instead. While playing and in transport the base is usually prone to bumping and scratching, you really want plastic for that job. The second reason is consistency. I want each project to have similar bases. Characters, Solos and monsters may have more elaborate ones, but they should all be in theme with one another. And resin bases in huge quantities are repetitive and expansive. For skirmishers though I see their usefulness.

Following up I wanted to show you the variety I produced in the last years. You saw what I did for my Legion project.  For this rocky winterish theme I used real slate gravel, a little cork (both sealed with deluded white glue), some green stuff and then later white flock mixed with gloss varnish for the snow.

For my Llael project (the only one jet to get it's own wrap up post) I made cobblestone bases out of an old train model supply (basically a sheet of plastic stones). I cut them roughly in shape and sculpted the rest with green stuff to the base's contour. 

And for my Iyanden host it will be the classic "xeno ruin" theme. The whole Eldar design is based on interlocking ovals in varying sizes. Just cut that out of plastic card, glue it on, trim it and ad gravel/spare bits and sand, done. Included here is a sneak peak into my Eldar project, post on that toic are to come. And althoug I said no conversions, there you have it: conversions. Deal with it.

That Base is from the new plastic Farseeer

Once again thanks for reading. Posts on base/terrain painting are to come in the future. Questions in the comments below and y'all be blessed’n such.

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  1. one could say, you are addicted to base...

    greets hauke