Monday, July 15, 2013

And a closer look at these Tau


In the last post you saw my test Tau, who I put together in 2001. Now over a decade later they're getting paint. Yayyyyy! That's how fast I work. But I think I have pinned down a super-fast few color paint scheme, which is not super pretty but a good portion over table top standard. I think I have to get I bucket of citadel casandora yellow wash. A very good finish/dye/wash for yellows.

And some weeks ago I got this Badass: SO MUCH WIN!!! 

Everyone knows how important light sources are. But that? man that thing takes painting to a new level. These rigs are not so much on the cheap side, and professional jeweler ones are almost unaffordable, but my Chinese generic was under 65€ and should accompany me through the rest of my painting live. I simply have to recommend one for everyone out there. It is not a hobby must, magnifying glasses don't paint for you but they seriously enhance your accuracy. And this might sound funny but it's true for me: They speed my painting up, because I have to take less time on looking. But wait there is more! The magnifying glass lamp is also a lamp!

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